Our Ethical Governance

Our Commitment to Ethical Governance

We maintain a strong foundation of corporate governance practices that promote transparency, accountability, and engagement, and that ensures there is complete, transparent, and effective oversight of the affairs of our Company to protect and enhance shareholder value. Our efforts and commitments include:

  1. Approaching all aspects of corporate governance ethically and with clear standards of appropriate corporate behavior.
  2. Promoting effective oversight of the Company through a strong and independent Board.
  3. Actively seeking to establish and enhance diversity among our Board of Directors and executive leadership.
  4. Striving to improve the performance of the Board of Directors and executive leadership through effective performance assessments, appropriate and fair compensation practices, and ongoing investment in education and professional development.
  5. Ensuring that shareholders have an appropriate voice with respect to matters impacting the company through outreach and engagement.
  6. Maintaining transparency with respect to governance of the Company and the pursuit of its strategic goals.

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