Corporate Governance

Policy Statement:

Avista Corp. and its subsidiaries/affiliates (Avista) are committed to conducting business ethically and with the highest level of integrity.

Guiding Principles:

Our Enduring Purpose:

Avista's purpose is to improve life's quality by providing energy and energy-related services, as well as certain non-energy related services. We do this by safely and reliably delivering these services at a competitive price and by helping our customers get the most value from their dollar, while providing our investors a fair return.

Lasting Principles:

Certain principles have stood the test of time and remain deeply rooted in our Company. Every aspect of what we do will continue to be aligned with these principles:

Trust - Our word is reliable.
Integrity - We do what is right.
Innovation - We find ways to get things done.
Relationships - We are respectful of all people at all times.
Collaboration - We are at our best when working together.

General Guidelines:

It is important that Avista's customer relationships should be founded in mutual respect and trust. The employees of Avista demonstrate mutual faith, trust, commitment and confidence in who we are, what we do and what Avista stands for.

One of Avista's objectives is to operate from a position of financial strength on all fronts, providing consistent and reasonable investment returns.

Avista's goal is to be a valued and trusted corporate neighbor, integral to the fabric of the communities we serve and a contributor in mutually beneficial ways.

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