Our Customers and Communities

Our Commitment to Our Customers and Communities

We are invested in our customers and the communities we serve. We recognize that bringing energy to life extends beyond providing electricity and natural gas for our customers. As employees and as a company, we are an active partner and advocate that brings energy to strengthening the customers and communities in which we live, work, serve and play. Our efforts and commitments include:

  1. Providing safe, reliable service that is there when needed, and that is affordable for our customers and for our region.
  2. Bringing value to our customers through services, programs and methods for using energy efficiently, and that otherwise help to enrich customers’ lives.
  3. Building value for our customers and communities through active involvement in organizations, causes and engagement with local stakeholders to grow jobs and improve the quality of life in our region.
  4. Providing meaningful philanthropic support to our communities without impacting customer rates, recognizing that these efforts help to strengthen our communities, broaden the reach of local organizations, and improve our local economies.
  5. Supporting and encouraging our employees to help local charities and community organizations in the regions in which we operate.
  6. Holding our customers and communities’ interests at the forefront of our decisions, operating our business with transparency, genuine care, and ease of conducting business - our stakeholders can rely on us.

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