Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

At Avista, our vision is to deliver better energy for life. We strive to fulfill that vision by improving the lives of customers through the safe, responsible, and affordable delivery of energy, in a way that is trustworthy, innovative and collaborative.

These guiding principles are founded on a long tradition of corporate responsibility. Whether it is our longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship, the care and support of our people, our dedication to the customers and communities we serve, or our steadfast adherence to principles of ethical governance, we believe that the integration of corporate responsibility into our business builds trust, forges lasting relationships, strengthens morale, reduces risk, delivers enhanced value to our shareholders, and ultimately enables us to more effectively execute on our vision, mission and strategy.

At its heart, corporate responsibility at Avista is a commitment to manage the social, environmental and economic effects of our operations safely, responsibly, and affordably, while endeavoring to have a positive, lasting impact on the society and environments in which we operate.

We believe that, through these commitments, we can preserve and enhance our environment, provide safe and fulfilling careers to our employees, add value to our customers and communities, and protect the investments of our shareholders. For over 130 years, we recognize that the pursuit of these commitments is not a deterrent, but rather helps us to achieve, our business objectives. Simply put, they are one of the many ways that we are delivering on our promise of better energy for life.

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