A message from the CEO

Dennis Vermillion CEOAvista serves a diverse customer base of 397,000 electric and 363,000 natural gas customers across 30,000 square miles. Across the utility, our efforts focus on providing safe, reliable service and a seamless and satisfying customer experience, at a reasonable cost.

Since Avista’s founding on clean, renewable hydro power in 1889, we’ve served our customers with an electric generation resource mix that is more than half renewable, allowing us to keep our carbon emissions among the lowest in the nation.

Avista has always been committed to balancing reliability and affordability while maintaining responsibility for our environmental footprint, and our actions demonstrate these values. Beyond providing electricity and natural gas, we view ourselves as a cornerstone in the communities we serve. We’re active participants in our communities and leaders who contribute through civic engagement, philanthropy and volunteer opportunities.

Over the last decade, we’ve reported on our operations through the lens of shared value – how we align our strategic business interests in powerful way that create the opportunity to bring value to our stakeholders. While shared value remains important, we’ve continued to evolve our reports and have developed renewed corporate responsibility commitments. In our most recent corporate responsibility report, you’ll read more about these commitments and how we are fulfilling them every day, across our business and in our communities for the benefit of all of our stakeholders.

Dennis Vermillion, President and CEO

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